BLAST Technique®

~ Fast, Effective Treatment for PTSD, Trauma & Phobias ~

How long are you going to let trauma from the past affect your life now?
The BLAST Technique®  allows you to process trauma and let it go, leaving you free to live a happier, more peaceful  life.

Have you experienced Trauma?

Many people are living with the after effects of trauma without realising that they are 'traumatised'. Trauma isn't always caused by a hugely dramatic event - it's more about our ability to cope with it at the time that influences its impact on us.

The mind has natural mechanisms for dealing with shocks, however, if an experience exceeds a person's ability to cope with it at the time it occurred, the emotions around the experience may get "stuck".

After experiencing a shock, it is normal to feel after-effects for a time, but if symptoms persist beyond one month, PTSD may be diagnosed.

According to NICE guidelines, symptoms of Trauma and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) include:

  • Reliving the eventfear, trauma, PTSD, nightmares, anger, terror, irritable
  • Hyper-vigilance
  • Recurrent nightmares
  • Feelings of detachment or estrangement from others
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Irritability or outbursts of anger
  • Difficulty concentrating

BLAST Technique® - Bilateral Analysis and Stimulation

The BLAST technique® is an extremely fast and powerful method for resolving traumas, after which they lose their emotional charge, and symptoms of that trauma do not return.

Neuroscience research shows that structures in the right side/hemisphere of the brain are overactive and acting as if there is an immediate threat in sufferers of PTSD and trauma.

The BLAST Technique® utilises precise bi-lateral movements with a light pen (which helps the memory access the left side/hemisphere of the brain) and specific suggestions to the client which helps reprocess the traumatic event so they understand what happened and can remember, but it no longer has any physical or emotional response.

Where a trauma has also created a phobia, resolving the trauma also removes the phobia.

BLAST can be used for serious traumas, or lesser anxieties. In each case, resolving the issues improves a person's well-being, and frees up energy for more positive enjoyment of life.

The BLAST Technique® was created over 13 years ago by psychotherapist Nick Davies in order to speed up the process and efficacy of PTSD and trauma treatment for an all-round better and more efficient experience for the client. It draws from some of the research of neuroscientists and neuropsychologists Joseph LeDoux, Peter Naish and Ksenja da Silva, and utilises several treatment modalities to create what we practitioners and our clients believe is the fastest most effective treatment for this chronic, yet curable condition.

It has now been effectively used thousands of times by trained BLAST Technique® Practitioners for things like serious accidents, violent assaults, rape and child abuse, changing their lives for the better.

Frequently Asked Questions

~ How quickly will I see an improvement?

Recovery from a single incident can usually happen in just one session. More complex traumas may take 2 or 3 sessions to heal from.

~Will I have to relive the traumatic event multiple times during treatment?

No. We do talk about the trauma again briefly, but this is the only and last time that you will have to do it.

~ How long will a session last?

A session usually lasts between 1 and 2 hours

~ Do I have to travel to your clinic?

No, I usually work with people online using Zoom. A reasonable internet connection will be needed in order to use the BLAST technique® online.

~ Is the BLAST technique® suitable for children?

Yes, the BLAST technique® is effective for children, teenagers and adults alike.

~ Is the BLAST technique® suitable for everyone?

No. If you are pregnant, have epilepsy or are suicidal then this technique can only be used under the advice of your GP.

~ Is the BLAST technique® part of the Chiron's Chronic Pain Coaching programme?

Yes, I do incorporate it into the programme if it is appropriate to the person's needs. However I also use it as a stand alone treatment for Trauma and PTSD.

~ How much does it cost for a session of the BLAST technique®?

A single session costs £150.