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Menopause: more than just hormones

~ Raising Awareness of all things Menopause ~

Today is about raising awareness of the menopause... raising awareness of the symptoms experienced and treatments available so that women no longer have to suffer in silence as our grans did...

Today Ladies, I'm here to tell you that Menopausal symptoms are NOT inevitable... you CAN be free from them WITHOUT medication!

(Sometimes you just have to think outside the box 😜)


Lindsey Ford, Menopause, world menopause day, Occupational Therapist, TMS coach, Pain Coach, mind-body, mind bodyAs a lady approaching 'that age' I'm very aware of all the changes that can happen as we enter the next phase of our lives.

It seems everyone around me is peri-menopausal and struggling with some aspect of menopause or other... it the hot flushes, the brain fog, the mood swings and irritability, the tiredness...


But not everyone experiences these. Some just sail on through and, abracadabra (try typing that in a hurry!! 😂) they're out the other side without so much as a flushed cheek or sharp word...

I started to ask myself why this was... if all women have the same hormones, all experience the same reduction in hormones during menopause, why different symptoms?
It seemed to me that there was more to the menopause than just hormones...

The key differences I identified were:

> Their life experiences...

> What significance the menopause and aging had for them...

> What was going on in their lives now to place additional stress on their systems...


Working from this perspective, I've been able to help several ladies who were experiencing menopause problems and found ALL were linked to emotional blocks to do with issues such as loss of role, end of child-bearing age and loss of confidence....


After just 1 or 2 sessions, these ladies no longer had to live with the discomforts of night sweats, anxiety, low mood, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, body aches... AMAZING!


Today's Menopause awareness: There's more to the menopause than just hormones! HRT is not the only answer...

I invite you to ask yourself:

> What does the menopause and aging mean to you? What does it represent?

Does it bring to mind loss of health, a steady decline as you get older, increased helplessness, loss of independence?

Or maybe it brings to mind the end of your fertility, feeling less of a woman, less feminine?

Or maybe it's more about retirement, leaving a role you enjoyed or got prestige from?


> What is your experience of the menopause and aging? 

Did you see your Mum struggling with flushes and floods?

Have you heard stories of raging arguments and psycho behaviours when family reached middle age?

Did you watch older family members struggling as they got older and having to deal with poor health?


> What additional pressures do you have right now?

Are there additional stressors from family? Money? Housing? Relationships?


ALL of these factors will be playing their part in your symptoms...

If you'd like help to untangle them and sail through your menopause without a hitch, please get in touch, I'd love to help 💕

"Having suffered with menopausal symptoms for several years I felt I was never going to be free of them. My symptoms included night time hot flushes, frequent sleepless nights, itchy skin, restless legs and more disturbingly, very dark moods.

I had two sessions with Lindsey, I could not believe the difference in my symptoms after just one, I began sleeping better, the hot flushes reduced significantly and the dark moods disappeared. Lindsey helped me to understand the underlying issues that were contributing to my symptoms, she gave me the mental tools to understand and deal with these issues and I can’t believe the difference it has made.

After two sessions I have not suffered any more symptoms. I am sleeping better, have more energy and feel so much more positive about my menopause experience. I cannot thank Lindsey enough and would recommend her approach to any woman suffering unnecessarily."


"Lindsey is very knowledgeable, kind and patient and was understanding of my complaints. I felt safe and comfortable during our sessions knowing it was all in the strictest of confidence.

Her sessions helped me greatly and I would highly recommend Lindsey and her services."


"I arranged a session with Lindsey to help me with menopause symptoms which were bothering me. They were night sweats, insomnia and feelings of irritability...

Since that session, I have slept much better and find I am not so moody/irritable...

I would thoroughly recommend Lindsey to anyone wanting to alleviate symptoms without resorting to medication"



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