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~ The greatest act of self care is to believe that you are worthy of care ~

self care, self worth, self nurture, self esteem

Self-care has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years...

... Often associated with indulgent activities like spa treatments, bubble baths, and face masks.

While these activities can certainly be part of a self-care routine, true self-care goes much deeper than that. It starts with a fundamental belief in our own worthiness to receive care.

Many of us struggle with this belief. Particularly those who are living with chronic pain.

We may have internalized messages from society or our upbringing that tell us we are not deserving of care, that we must earn it through achievement or good behaviour.

We may have experienced trauma or abuse that has left us feeling unworthy or ashamed.

Whatever the source of our self-doubt, it can be difficult to overcome.

But the truth is, we are all inherently worthy of care.

We don't have to earn it, and we don't have to be perfect to deserve it.

We are human beings, with all the messy complexity that entails, and that alone is enough to make us worthy of care.

Believing in our own worthiness is the first and most important step in any self-care practice.

Without that belief, we may find ourselves engaging in self-destructive behaviours or neglecting our own needs, believing that we don't deserve any better. I've found this is a really common trait in many people who are living with chronic pain or TMS and is often a critical part of their recovery journey.

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So how do we cultivate this belief in our own worthiness?

1/ It starts with self-compassion. We must learn to treat ourselves with the same kindness and understanding that we would offer to a friend or loved one. We must acknowledge our own pain and struggles, and offer ourselves the same comfort and support we would offer to someone else in the same situation.

2/ We must also learn to set boundaries and prioritize our own needs. This means saying no to things that drain our energy or compromise our well-being, and saying yes to things that nourish and sustain us. It means carving out time and space for ourselves, even when it feels selfish or indulgent.

3/ Finally, we must learn to celebrate our own accomplishments and strengths, no matter how small they may seem. We must recognize the value of our own contributions to the world, and honour the unique gifts and talents that we bring to the table.


In short, the greatest act of self-care is to believe that we are worthy of care.


This belief lays the foundation for all the other practices that contribute to our well-being, from exercise and nutrition to mindfulness and setting boundaries.


It allows us to approach self-care from a place of abundance and self-love, rather than scarcity and self-doubt.

Changing this belief is often the hardest thing of all as it's so ingrained into our thoughts and identity. This is where Belief Coding ® comes in as my go-to.  With this incredible modality, I'm able to help people go straight to the root cause behind these limiting beliefs, work with them so they can be released, and replace these feelings of unworthiness with positive, empowering programmes that allow them to finally heal.


Once the self doubt and self criticism is gone, they're able to give themselves the nurture and care they so deserve. Their brains finally feel safe and loved so the need for pain has been removed. They're able to able to live their lives with greater joy, purpose, and fulfilment... pain free!

If you're struggling to give yourself the self nurture you know you need, I can help

To find out more, get in touch x

self care, self esteem, self worth, self nurture

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