Free Resources

to help you on your recovery journey from Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Pain

The first step in recovery is understanding how your mind and body are connected. Here are some resources to help get you started.

Want to know more about the Mind Body Approach?

Have a look at my series of blogs explaining the cutting-edge science behind Mind Body work.
There are also many excellent texts and websites that have a wealth of information. Here are a few that I have found particularly helpful. However, do look into this approach for yourself.
It is identified under several different labels:
Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS)         Mind-Body Syndrome (MBS)         Psychophysiological Disorder (PPD)        Stress Illness

Useful Links

  • John Sarno pioneered the mind-body concept in the 1970's and, since then, has used it to help thousands of people recover from chronic health conditions.
  • TMS Wiki is a huge resource for information on TMS and recovery stories.
  • SIRPA (Stress Illness Recovery) was set up in the UK by physiotherapist Georgie Oldfield.
  • TMS - The Mindbody Syndrome facebook page

Further Reading

  • 'The Divided Mind' and 'Healing Back Pain' by John Sarno
  • 'Biology of Belief' by Bruce Lipton
  • 'Chronic Pain - your key to Recovery' by Georgie Oldfield
  • 'They can't find anything Wrong' by David Clarke
  • 'When the body says no: exploring the stress-disease connection' by Gabor Mate
  • 'Childhood Disrupted' by Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Understanding the links between Stress, Emotions and Health


Stress Test

See how many life stresses you have and how these are affecting your stress levels. Use this tool to watch your stress levels reduce as you travel through the treatment process.

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ACE Quiz

Adverse Childhood Experiences are strongly linked to poor health in later years. Do the quiz and find your ACE score and what this might mean for you

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Starting your Treatment

Meditation Music

A selection of relaxing music to help you be mindful and enjoy some precious time out

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Journaling for Health

Why writing our emotions down can help us see things more clearly and reduce our stress reactions

Learn about Journaling

Head Space App

Free guided mindfulness - use this app to help you integrate mindfulness meditation into your daily life.

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Tapping/ EFT

Learn how to tap your problems away...

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