So today I'm officially a Youtuber 😮

I've launched a channel dedicated to spreading the word about chronic pain which, whilst I know it's a good thing, is very much out of my comfort zone 😬 ...and very much NOT what my youngest would classify as cool! (sorry kids, but a Mum's gotta do what a Mum's gotta do!)

I'd love it if you could take a look and maybe even give it a like. And, of course, any feedback is always appreciated 🙂

Lindsey x

"Thank you so much Lindsey.

For many years I have suffered from digestive problems, doctors diagnosed IBS. I have tried various food exclusion regimes with limited success. After only one session with Lindsey I am amazed how well I feel. No more cancelling social appointments etc , I feel I can plan ahead with confidence. I have my life back again.

Again thank you."


"...Lindsey is thorough, experienced, patient, intuitive and so knowledgeable. I highly recommend her. She is great at untangling the complexities behind pain to restore balance and peace in the body."


"Lindsey did one session with me and the hayfever I had been struggling with went away. I recommend her to everyone suffering with it every year! A very quick fix and so much better than taking medication."



"Breaking Through your Hidden Barriers: Overcoming 3 of the Biggest Barriers to Overcoming Chronic Pain"


This 9 week online course will show you exactly what you need to be doing to make a full recovery from chronic pain or TMS symptoms


This enables an in-depth look into what's behind your symptoms. A bespoke service that heals and releases any blocks, allowing you to make a full recovery.

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