Recovery Stories

Lupus, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines, Insomnia, Anxiety, Recurrent Infections, Cognitive Impairment

Virginia was a lady I met whilst still working within the NHS. When I first met her she was anxious, tearful, had extremely low self esteem and was struggling to cope with daily life. Even making a cup of tea could be too much for her most days. Her life had been taken over by the fatigue and pain she experienced constantly, but was further impacted by recurrent infections, insomnia, reduced mobility and increasingly poor concentration and memory. As a woman who was intelligent and had been extremely independent, these symptoms were devastating. I worked with Virginia almost daily for two weeks (as she was staying on the rehab unit). On leaving, Virginia had regained some of her confidence, was sleeping better and had much reduced anxiety. She had an energy of optimism about her and left the unit with hope for a brighter future and the belief that she could recover.
I continued to work with Virginia at home over the next few months and watched her grow - returning to activity, daily dog walks and independent outings in the local community.

"I began my therapeutic journey in October 2015.

I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in 2009. I had been experiencing a range of the symptoms associated with this condition for some time. My mobility, cognition, and general health and well being were seriously compromised by these symptoms. An indescribable fatigue and recurrent crippling migraines were a constant problem. The migraines occurred up to 5 or 6 times a week and rendered me unable to function.

I had received 6 cycles of Rituximab chemotherapy taking place annually beginning in 2009...
I would say when telling professionals and concerned acquaintances that 'lupus had exiled me from my life, robbing me of a career that I loved and controlling my interactions with family and friends'. Lindsey and the therapy helped me gradually gain back control and start to enjoy life again...

My symptoms are much improved. I do still have some migraines and joint and muscle pain. However not to the point of taking over my life. The fatigue which blighted every part of my day is under control. I know how to pace myself and build in rest periods.

My rheumatologist is really positive about my improvement. My chemo has been suspended and I am on a much milder daily medication.

The strategies Lindsey has taught me I believe that I will always use. A year on, I can only thank Lindsey for guiding my journey to recovery."

Virginia, Leeds, October 2016

Update: Virginia was in touch in 2017 to report that her Rheumatologist reports her Lupus is now in remission!

Severe nausea, Dizziness, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia

When I first met Rebecca in March 2017 she had been confined to her bed or the sofa for the last few months due to severe nausea and dizziness whenever she moved. She had been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, an inner ear disorder of unknown cause and unknown treatment and was told it may or may not get better.
This was on top of the chronic fatigue and pain that she had suffered for 17 years since being diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in her spine and fibromyalgia. She was, understandably, very tearful, and afraid of what her future held. As a consequence, she was experiencing regular panic attacks and living her life in a state of high anxiety. 
We began work slowly, pacing it in accordance to her tolerance levels. Rebecca was able to finally face, and deal with, a number of the stressors she had been keeping locked inside for many years. She began to see an improvement, first in her anxiety levels, quality of sleep and fatigue, then in her nausea and dizziness. When she reached the point where she was able to experience pain-free periods for the first time in 17 years, Rebecca decided she was now strong enough to continue her recovery alone.
I bumped into Rebecca in October 2017 and was delighted to hear that she had continued to recover. She was now fully mobile, had returned to driving and was able to work again. She was relaxed, smiling and positive about the future - a wonderful result for all her hard work. recovery, chronic pain, fatigue, menieres, panic attacks, anxiety

"After 17 years of pain from a spine disease and suffering the associated problems such as side effects from the medication and immobility I became very depressed, every morning I woke up feeling sick because all I had to look forward to was another day of pain. I became isolated and my relationship with my husband and twin Boys was often fraught with upset because I was in such a bad place. I felt guilty all the time because my husband had to do so much around the house as well as running a business as well as looking after me and our boys.

I saw a post on a local swap site which I at first felt sceptical about. Lindsey had advertised, offering a service which seemed to tick all the boxes for me. I made an appointment and I do believe I even told Lindsey that I was rather sceptical about Chiron but I was at the end of my tether and thought it worth a try. I am so glad I did. Lindsey came to see me regularly and she was able to change my life considerably. I no longer feel sick every morning, I am able to deal with my pain better and I no longer feel guilty. My relationship with my husband has blossomed and my sons have really noticed the difference in Mum.

Through mindfulness, tapping and journaling I now have the tools to control my guilt and can look forward to life. I can now plan things for the future as I have a much more positive outlook on life. Thank you Lindsey for doing what you do, you are a true angel!"

Rebecca Evans, Llanarth, December 2017

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