In my online Chronic Pain Recovery Course learn...

> Proven strategies to reduce or even eliminate chronic, persistent pain or TMS

> How to calm your mind and body instantly

> Simple changes you can make to your lifestyle NOW to improve your symptoms

> How past events are impacting your body (even if you're not aware of them) ... and what to do about it

> What your brain has to do with chronic pain and TMS

> How your personality is feeding your symptoms (and, yes, you CAN change this!)


 An introduction to Chiron's online Recovery Course for Chronic Pain and TMS

"With Lindsey's knowledge, techniques and support I have gradually changed my life. I have gone from 30 seconds outdoors to walking 2 - 3k each day, seeing friends & even riding my bike. I have learnt how to control my anxiety instead of it controlling me, how to pace and make the most of my energy."

Claire (CFS & Anxiety)

"It has helped me manage my pain and get my mind and body working in conjunction. I was struggling to walk and using a stick, following this I am able to walk further as my pain levels have been significantly reduced. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for an alternative to treating and managing pain!"

Ollie (Knee pain, ankylosing spondylitis)

Persistent pain, fatigue, allergies, IBS, skin issues, migraines, insomnia have all been linked to significant emotionally upsetting episodes or prolonged periods of stress.

This is then further compounded by the daily stress of dealing with a chronic condition for which you're told there is no cure and is likely to get worse.

Chronic stress has serious impacts on your body which leads to overly sensitized connections between the brain and the body which keep fueling symptoms such as pain and fatigue.

Over time, these physical changes can become programmed into you, so that even if the emotional response stops, the physical response still remains leaving you with a chronic health problem.

Chiron's Pain Recovery Course is a combination of THE BEST proven strategies I've come across.

It works by reducing your stress response, shifting your mindset and belief system around your symptoms and connecting with your unconscious mind to enable the pain programmes it is currently running to be updated to more suitable ones.

It's often a case of 'chipping away' at the layers of issues that are contributing to the symptom that you're experiencing.

With time and consistency you’ll be feeling the benefits – increased calm, increased confidence, increased feelings of self worth, better sleep, closer relationships, improved mood, more fun … and less pain! (See Recovery Stories)

This approach has been shown to be more effective than conventional treatments in follow-up studies that have been carried out:


    • At 6 months, 45.8% of Fibromyalgia sufferers had at least 30% pain reduction, and 20.8% had at least 50% pain reduction. 0% of the control group showed any improvement (Hsu et al. 2010).
    • 21.9% of people with Fibromyalgia still had at least 50% reduction in symptoms 6 months after mind-body treatments (8.5% with CBT, 11.4% with education) (Lumley et al, 2017).
    • 76% of people with chronic pain had a significant reduction in their pain to the point where it no longer affected their lives (Ashar, Gordon, Schubiner et al, 2021)

Here’s what the course involves:

Module 1. Learning = power

You’ll learn about the powerful connections between the mind, your emotions, your body and your pain. You will find out about the latest discoveries in pain science and how our brains create pain. This knowledge is key in allowing fear to subside and for you to begin to take control of your own health.

Module 2. Lifestyle review

You’ll explore how your lifestyle contributes to your pain and make simple changes that make BIG differences.

Module 3. Mindset mastery

A positive and motivated mindset is essential in order to achieve success. You’ll learn proven techniques that create pain-free neural pathways and change long-held limiting beliefs, enabling you to move forward and achieve your full potential.

Module 4. Stress busters

You’ll learn simple, effective ways to deal with day to day pressures, reduce your stress response, feel calmer and more in control.

Module 5. De-activate your pain triggers

You’ll learn all about your pain triggers - how to identify them and work with them to take away their power.

Module 6. Plan for success

You’ll develop inspiring goals, keeping you focused, motivated and heading in the right direction.

Module 7. When your past is your present...

Many of us have things from our past that still niggle. You’ll work through issues that may be feeding your pain by learning and practicing powerful, evidence-based strategies to finally put these issues to bed – along with your pain!

Module 8. Take the pressure off

Self-induced pressure is something we’re all guilty of – being a perfectionist, self critical, a people pleaser... By learning how to recognise when you’re putting pressure on yourself, you will stop feeding your pain and be able to maintain a pain-free existence.

9. Moving forwards with confidence...

By now you'll have a good understanding of your pain and how to deal with it. You'll have had breakthroughs and will be seeing changes in your symptoms... they may even be history!

You'll create a clear vision of your pain free future, allowing you to step forward with purpose, direction and confidence.

In addition to these 9 steps, you will learn many other things to help you maximise your independence, gain a greater understanding of yourself and get back to doing the things you love.

You can expect to...

  • Reduce or even eliminate your pain, no matter how long you’ve had it
  • Reduce your anxiety
  • Be able to do things you haven’t done for ages
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Feel calmer
  • Maximise your independence
  • Feel happier
  • Value yourself more
  • Feel positive and excited about the future
  • Have more energy
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Regain a sense of control
  • Enjoy life more
  • Be more active
  • Have better concentration
  • Rebuild a healthy relationship with your body
  • Improve your mood
  • Feel more assertive
  • Have a better understanding of yourself
  • Get back doing the things you love
  • Learn how to self-nurture
  • Say goodbye to the pain meds
  • Feel more JOY!

As well as all of these incredible benefits, people often see other health benefits too from following this programme, such as reduced digestive issues, improved skin conditions, reduced blood pressure, less infections and colds, reduced dizziness.

Who is this course for?

  • People who want to be pain or symptom-free
  • People who have been checked out by a Doctor and told nothing more can be done except pain killers
  • People who are faced with surgery to alleviate pain but want to avoid it
  • People who have recurrent pain in an old injury site
  • People who still have pain weeks/ months/ years after the injury has healed
  • People who have no explanation for their pain or symptom
  • People who are getting no answers from the medical system
  • People who want to be off their meds
  • People who are able to keep an open mind about how their minds and bodies impact each other
  • People who are ready to make changes and get better!

Who is this course NOT for?

  • People who are unwilling to consider that their pain/ symptoms may have causes other than mechanical damage
  • People who are unable (or unwilling) to put in the time and effort required to help themselves get better (this course is not a magic wand!)
  • People whose pain is caused by a recent incident such as a fracture or infection
  • People who don't have good internet access as they will struggle to access the video tutorials
  • People with a severe diagnosed mental health condition such as unstable anxiety, depression, psychosis or bipolar disorder. (There are aspects of the course that require you to deal with past traumatic or upsetting events which you may find impact your mental well-being. Please seek advise from your mental health professional to see if they feel this course would be suitable for you to undertake or if they are able to provide support whilst you work through the course if needed.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get?

  • A 9 WEEK ONLINE COURSE with easy to follow, step by step guidance on exactly WHAT TO DO to recover from Chronic Pain or TMS
  • VIDEO TUTORIALS teaching the BEST TECHNIQUES and exactly HOW TO DO THEM (please make sure that you have access to adequate internet to play videos before investing in this course)
  • Downloadable WORKSHEETS and WRITING TASKS to help you finally say goodbye to your symptoms!
  • Delivered in BITE-SIZED CHUNKS one week at a time over 9 weeks to give you chance to work through and fully DIGEST each module before moving on to the next
  • UNLIMITED access to course material so you can re-visit modules and re-watch videos as often as you like

Is the Course Live?

  • No, all the modules on the course are pre-recorded to enable you to access the course content and videos at a time and pace that suits you. This means you can start the course straight away and get started on your healing journey IMMEDIATELY!

How long will I have access to the course?

  • Access to the course is LIFE-LONG

I feel I may need more support - how can I get direct access to Lindsey?

  • Maybe you feel a little overwhelmed and feel you need more guidance than the online course provides...
  • Maybe you feel you need a more personalised approach that specifically deals with your unique situation...
  • Maybe you have complex or severe trauma that needs specialist treatment...
  • Or maybe you just know that you need someone to keep you on track and hold you accountable.

If this is you then please reach out

We can either arrange additional support alongside the on-line course or it may be that the 1:1 Pain Release Coaching Programme would be better suited to your needs.

Find out more about the instructor, Lindsey Ford  BHSc(hons)

~ Occupational Therapist, TMS & Chronic Pain Specialist, Mum of 2, Vegetable Grower, Paddle Boarder, Sea Dipper... 🙂


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