Belief Coding®

~ Remove limiting programmes instantly ~

Belief Coding® is a new and different technique which allows us to change the way that we think and feel about things in life that may be holding us back from living our BEST life.

What can it help with?

~  ​​Health/pain ~

~ Trauma (big or little)​​​​​​​​ ~

~ Anxiety ​​​​​​​​~

~ Phobia or Fears ​​​​​​​​~

~ Unhealthy Habits​​​​​​​​ ~

~ Abuse​​​​​​​​ ~

~ Self Esteem ​​​​​​​​~

~ Depression​​​​​​​​ ~

~ Relationships​​​​​​​​ ~

We’re all running many, many programmes subconsciously that dictate how we think, feel and behave. Most of these are helpful, allowing us to thrive and succeed.

However, we all have programmes that aren’t so helpful, that limit us and prevent us from moving forwards. These can be connected to absolutely anything and have been installed based upon past experiences.

Common ones are around self worth, feeling unsafe, feeling unloved, unsupported or unheard.

As you can imagine, having programmes running based upon these understandings keeps your brain in a state of fear and high alert, always looking for the next threat and often, keeping you trapped in pain.

Using Belief Coding®, we can instantly discharge your emotions and responses to past events in a safe and controlled way, allowing them to become neutral and your brain to return back to a state of calm and safety.

Clients often leave the session with a powerful break-though, a change in physical and emotional states and with new, empowering programmes installed in place of the limiting ones.

Some issues can be completely cleared in just a single Belief Coding® session. Others have more layers to them and require a more detailed exploration using Mind Navigation over a course of sessions.

Either way, the transformations I’ve been seeing with clients are truly mind blowing! If you think healing and transformation has to be a long, drawn out process over months or even years… I’m here to tell you, that’s simply no longer true.

Combines multiple modalities

by using the elements of Psychology, NLP, EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting, the Emotion Code and Kinesiology that work.

Taps into your subconscious

to understand where certain thoughts, feelings and behaviours come from.

Instantly removes the emotional charge

allowing your brain and body to return to a state of calm and safety.

Installs a new, empowering programme

that supports the life you want, such as "I am good enough" or "it's safe for me to make a full recovery!"

  • I often use Belief Coding® in combination with other techniques such as the BLAST® technique and OldPain2Go® for super charged healing!


  • Each session lasts around 2 hours and costs £150