About Chiron

Chiron's lead therapist Lindsey Ford BHSc (Hons)

Lindsey's storyLindsey Ford, Chiron, Occupational Therapist

Lindsey has worked as an Occupational Therapist within the NHS for the past 15 years, working with many people experiencing chronic, disabling fatigue, pain and other associated symptoms such as digestive complaints and cognitive impairment. Lindsey came to realise that something needed to change when she met 3 different clients within a very short space of time who were all severely debilitated by fatigue and/or pain. Their options for treatment under current health care provision had either been exhausted or were inaccessible due to the level of disability.



  • 'Margaret' was a carer for her disabled husband and under a considerable degree of stress. As her husband's level of dependency and mood worsened, so did hers. She began experiencing a wide range of symptoms - insomnia, fatigue, altered sensation, low mood, anxiety, cognitive impairment. Over a relatively short space of time she went from being an independent woman to needing carers to assist with daily tasks. Lindsey requested referral to the local ME service but these did not offer any home visits so accessing these was extremely difficult for her due to fatigue and caring responsibilities. Her life had become restricted to spending most of the time in bed crying.
  • 'Andrew' had been diagnosed with CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) many years earlier, following a career as a fire man and a stressful office job. He had already accessed all services available on the NHS and was told nothing more could be done. The nature of his condition was that he experienced pain at all times throughout his body. It even hurt to pick things up which he tried to combat by wearing gloves. His mobility was limited to a few steps with a walking frame, falls were a daily occurrence, he was assisted for all tasks by his wife and rarely left the house. Despite all this he remained outwardly cheerful but, at 60, had very little to look forward to.
  • 'Kath' had been practically bed bound for several years due to fatigue and pain. Her world consisted of her bedroom which was in a very poor state of repair and exacerbated her low mood. She did not wish to have any home care support but tended to neglect self care, her estranged husband providing perfunctory meals. She was able to receive psychological support and ME support - but had to get to the hospital for it so was rarely able to access this. Services were very much about managing her symptoms rather than getting better. Nothing else was available.

These people were all left with no hope of any relief.


Trigger for Change

Feeling this an unacceptable situation in the 21st century, Lindsey embarked on a journey with the aim to discover more effective treatments for chronic fatigue and pain. After exploring many avenues she came across SIRPAtm (Stress Illness Recovery) and other mind-body techniques. This was like a light-bulb moment - everything she'd witnessed and experienced, both personally and professionally, now made sense. All the clients she had met over the years with complex chronic health problems all had one thing in common - Stress. She knew at this point she had found the key to effective treatment for chronic fatigue and pain.

After training to become a SIRPAtm practitioner with Georgie Oldfield, and successfully using these techniques with clients, Lindsey is working towards becoming an approved SIPRA practitioner. She uses a treatment programme specifically suited to those with chronic fatigue conditions that combines Occupational Therapy with Mind-body principles. As people and their symptoms vary greatly, her treatment programme can be tailored to best meet your needs.


Lindsey is passionate about helping people recover and ending this unnecessary suffering. She dreams of a day when this treatment is available as mainstream treatment within the NHS and will continue to strive to achieve this.

Lindsey Ford is DBS checked, HCPC registered and a member of the British Association of Occupational Therapists.



About Chiron (pronounced ky-ron)

Chiron has been set up to deliver treatment to help relieve people's suffering.

The name Chiron has been taken from several relevant sources:


Chiron mind-bodyChiron is a Centaur from ancient Greek mythology who was a highly skilled and respected teacher and healer. He was different from the other centaurs as he didn't follow the same behaviour and used his own experience of pain and suffering to help others.



chiron mind-body

Chiron is also the name of a comet orbiting between Saturn and Uranus. It is believed that, Chiron unites the mind with the body. It is about holistic healing, making whole, mixing old methods with new. Although the philosophy around this comet are particularly apt to the work I do, Chiron's treatment is not connected to astrology, but is a new scientific approach using old knowledge that can now be explained by modern advances in research.